Construction Accident

construction accident can occur even when all needed safety guidelines are in place. Even when workers and sites comply with codes, sudden hazards can surface. Our personal injury lawyer can help you file a claim against the insurer. We can also pursue a legal claim on your behalf. Call for your free case evaluation, and we’ll show you what you are entitled to.

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Construction Accident Injury Attorney

It is common place that work-sites are breeding grounds for unsafe settings. It is still the duty of employers to keep their workers safe and secure from hidden dangers. Construction accident claims can be complex in trying to assign liability. Having a savvy personal injury lawyer, like the head of our firm, on your side can help break down complex wording in the insurer’s policy. It is vital to have skilled counsel who can help you steer the system. We are well versed in the justice codes. Our firm knows how to respond to insurers for your best chance at recouping funds after a construction accident. 

An endless prospect for danger to occur daily on a construction site exists. A faulty machine, co-worker error, or adverse weather can all add to the danger. Both clear and hidden forces can lend to future danger. Construction accidents can involve crane accidents, chemical spills, or scaffolding failure. Falling debris, explosions, burns, shocks, or vehicle failure are also common. Any or all of these events can expose on-site workers to danger. If you’ve suffered at the fault of another, call for your free consultation to see how we can help.

Building roadways, bridges, and buildings always pose new challenges in keeping safety first. Construction accidents can injure workers, local residents, or even passers-by. Those outside the work zone have the notion that those in charge of the site have secured a safe premise. With construction accidents, there is often a blend between premise liability and workers’ comp cases. We know the law, and not every case is as cut and dried as insurers want you to believe.

construction accident lawyerInsurers have ethical and legal burdens to consider in regards to good faith claims. We will fight for you to make sure they are held to their standards. Call us now for your free consult. We will gladly address your concerns. Our firm will promote your needs because we know how the legal system works. We will walk you through the distinct stages of logging data to duly support your claim and/or lawsuit.

If you have been hurt in a construction accident you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer right away to discuss the merits of your case. Our firm has over seventeen years tenor defending these types of cases. We will fight for you legal right to benefits because of the neglect of others. 

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Get sound legal counsel to assess if you can recoup loss of income due to your construction accident injury now! Our firm will respond quickly to your claim. At the law firm of Michael Merchant, we fight hard for every client’s rights. We may be able to help if you’ve suffered from a construction accident in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Enid.