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burn injury caused by fires or blasts can go beyond physical pain. Long-term care and skin grafts can be routine in a burn victim's daily life. The mental damage is immense. As a personal injury lawyer, I can help protect your rights. The thought of lost income and wages while you suffer through healing of a burn injury only adds undue stress. Call and get a free case evaluation.

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Burn Injury Attorney

The scope of burns can vary from first to fourth degrees. Each carries its own distinct trauma. Within this array, problems can range from skin surface irritation to amputation, or even death. These types of trauma are arduous and can impose many hardships on daily living tasks. Scars that never heal are a steady reminder of the emotional pain. 

Victims of a burn injury need benefits to fund mounting doctor bills. Monies for lost wages, pain and suffering, injury, and future medical care can also be recouped. From time to time, burn injuries are sustained through no fault of the victim. In these cases, the liable parties should be held culpable to pay those medical bills and to make up for lost wages. Extended healing times, as a rule, are the norm. Our personal injury lawyer will defend your burn injury claim. 

We are well versed in properly logging the extent of your injuries. Rest assured, our skilled lawyers will staunchly assess your case using varied tactics. We have a well-earned standing and record for success with claimants suffering from personal injury. Let us help you move on with your life.

We are well versed in properly logging the extent of your injuries. Rest assured, our skilled lawyers will staunchly assess your case using varied tactics.

A shoulder that has suffered serious burnsBurns are known by doctors as a severe medical injury that can leave lasting physical trauma and permanent scars. The pain and everyday stares from bystanders are a constant. Burns can be sustained from more than just fire. Exposure to extreme heats, radiation, electrical shock and even chemical spills can cause just trauma. What makes burn injuries unique is most can be prevented. Proper warnings, training and safety protocols can all deter these types of accidents. The fact they could have been avoided can be daunting to those left in anguish. Get a free case evaluation from our personal injury lawyer to find out how we can help you.

Victims of burn injuries caused by another party’s neglect or apathy could be eligible to receive benefits for their losses. Our firm is bold and fearless in the pursuit to recoup your damages. Don’t suffer and don’t give up hope! We have the savvy to promote your burn injury claim against insurers. Let us give peace of mind to you and your loved ones. You focus on your health and the road to recovery. 

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At the law firm of Michael Merchant, we have been defending rights of burn injury victims for over seventeen years. As a personal injury law firm, we are well versed with the justice codes and burden of proof for insurers. We will fight hard in order to cover the cost of your damages. We will defend a victim of a burn injury in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Enid, or the surrounding areas.