Bodily Injury

Have you suffered a bodily injury at fault of another? Our personal injury lawyer will work hard to show the pain and impact your bodily injury case has had on you. Let our skilled firm handle the burden of proof while you worry about your health. Call for your free case evaluation.

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Filing Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily Injury Oklahoma CityBodily injury liability provides coverage in case you cause an accident to which other person(s) are harmed. It covers the damages that you're legally at fault for. It also provides a legal defense if someone sues you for damages. If another person has harmed you, we may be able to file a bodily injury suit against them.

In reviewing a bodily injury claim, liability must first be found. Without this, no case exists. With over seventeen years as a personal injury lawyer, I am well versed with the justice codes, and the burden of proof needed to sustain a case against insurers. I offer a free consult to discuss the merits of your bodily injury case. 

Next, venue can impact payouts typically given in those areas or where the accident occurred. The operator’s driving record and your level of comparative fault may also be assessed. Fair and basic medical costs will also be gauged by the insurer. Know that the “at fault” party’s insurer may have policy limits, too. I will work within the law to fight for maximum compensation for you.

Filing a bodily injury claim is more complex. It is not as simple as tallying your bills and accounting for your pain. Often, success will stem from basic insight and savvy legal tactics in regards to handling your bodily injury claims. While many vital aspects to a claim exists, the two most crucial are liability and damages. A claim will not prevail without both. No other personal injury lawyer will work harder than me to reclaim the money you are owed.

I know first-hand the limits that bodily injuries can have on your daily life. I will work closely with doctors in order to meet the insurer’s burden of proof for you. This will help prove the extent of our client’s hardship in court. Logging info from the start is the key to amply support of your claim.

bodily injury claimBodily injury means a real physical injury, like broken bones or death. Some plans may cover mental or emotional distress. Several key pieces of data are critical when filing a bodily injury claim with insurers. Most will ask for a police report, pictures, venue or scene, or ER records. They might also ask for a list of your doctors, how often visits occur, and if pain is chronic. Insurers may also talk to friends, neighbors, or witnesses to attain more data. Trust that insurers will do what is in their means to not pay. This is why you need a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side. 

When done the right way, bodily injury claims require a vast amount of time, know how, and skill. Keen attention to detail is needed at even the basic level. At Michael Merchant law, our attorney is on standby to provide the highest level of service to every client. Let our firm review your bodily injury claim and assess the best way to fight hard for you. 

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