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Truck accidents cause some of the worst damages and devastation of all auto accidents. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, call me today. I will fight for your rights, and work to get you maximum compensation for your hardships. 

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Truck Accident Attorney

No matter the type of truck accident you have been involved in; whether with a semi, a delivery truck, or an SUV, I can help you. Even off the highway, or at low speeds, the size and weight of trucks can cause extensive damage to both property and bodies. There are a number of effects that can come about from these accidents, including all types of personal injury. 

If you, or a relative, have suffered from brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death, or other emotional or physical distress, call me. As a personal injury lawyer, I will investigate your case and help you fight to get your life back. Some effects last forever, and for those in particular, you may be entitled to considerable compensation.

It will be my job to look into the scenario and discover why the truck accident occurred. There may have been negligence on the road, or dangerous driving. Often, the truck drivers themselves are not necessarily at fault. Perhaps the trucking company forced them to drive on an extended schedule, or had them scheduled too tight to take care of the truck properly. These and many other reasons can create dangerous driving environments with sleep deprivation, substance abuse (to stay awake), or equipment in ill repair. 

If the truck driver, or the trucking company, is at fault for the accident, I will aggressively pursue them to get you compensated for your pain. It all starts with a free consultation so I can get the facts of your case and begin assessing it. Call me now to get sound legal counsel on your situation. I care for my clients and will treat you with the respect you deserve. Let’s work together to get your life back.

Call me, lawyer Michael Merchant, if you need an attorney after being involved in truck accidents in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Enid.

How Much Compensation Can I Get After a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can cause a wide array of problems, many that last a lifetime. Whether you have lost your ability to work, or have lost a loved one from a truck accident, I will help you get through this terrible ordeal. If you have suffered a great deal, you may be entitled to a large sum.

I know the legal system well, and will assess your case to find the best strategy to fight for you. As a personal injury lawyer, I have a successful track of recovering the following types of compensation for my clients after vehicular accidents:

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Medical expenses — for both the treatments you have already received, as well as those you will need to receive in the future due to this ordeal, I will fight to get you compensated. 

Lost wages — if you have missed work due to the physical or emotional trauma of the truck accident, you may be entitled to lost wage benefits.

Loss of capacity to earn wages — if the vehicle accident has taken away, or lessened, your ability to work, we may be able to get you compensated for future missed work.

Pain and suffering — the severity of your physical pain, and the time you had to endure it, can result in compensation. 

Mental anguish — emotional pain can also be traumatizing, and if you have suffered from grief, fright, or other emotional distress after your truck accident, I may be able to get you compensated for it.

In cases where a life was lost, the uninjured spouse may also be able to receive compensation for the loss of consortium. This includes losing companionship, sexual relations, comfort, and more. 

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Call me, lawyer Michael Merchant, if you need an attorney after being involved in truck accidents in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Enid.