Unnecessary Surgery

When an unnecessary surgery is performed, anxiety compounds as you question the care of the doctor you entrusted your health with. If you feel that you or a loved one has been a victim of unnecessary surgery, our personal injury lawyer is here to help. We fight aggressively for maximum compensation; call for your free case evaluation.

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Unnecessary Surgery Lawsuit

While many surgeries are part of an overall plan to improve or save a patient’s life, doctors seem to be doing unnecessary surgeries more often. If you have been put through a surgery unnecessarily, let us fight for your rights. C-Sections, pacemakers, and back surgeries are all examples. More unnecessary surgeries are linked to the growing number of doctor-owned outpatient surgery centers. Many fee-for-service doctors are paid by quantity, not quality. Your health is more important than their profit. Let our personal injury lawyer hold doctors to the ethical standards they took oath for in your honor. We will fight to help you the damages you deserve.

Problems can arise from surgeries. When infection or damage to organs occur, it is daunting to find out that the procedure was not needed. If you feel you have been the victim of an unnecessary surgery, you can receive damages for loss. Lost income, as well as pain and suffering, can be awarded. Our personal injury lawyers are well versed in handling unnecessary surgery cases. Call us today for a free consult and we can take steps to compose your claim quickly. Insurers will fight hard to save money. Let us fight even harder.

Lost Wages Lawsuit Oklahoma CityFiling an unnecessary surgery claim can be very complex. Taking legal action against a doctor for malpractice is hard even in an ideal setting. Our skilled attorney is on standby to review the merits of your case. Call us now for a free consult to see if your claim has basis for a lawsuit. We will let you know if we accept your case right away.

Prior to surgery, a doctor should inform a patient of the risks/benefits. For your own peace of mind, always seek out a second opinion. Know your rights and protect yourself and loved ones. Often, doctors are forced to make choices with little info and under time restraints. Their haste to perform a surgery may be an option, but not in the best practice for every patient. This holds true if other avenues were not fully explored. Every case varies. Even if a surgery is later found to be unneeded, it does not always equate to malpractice. Either way, our experienced lawyer can review your unnecessary surgery case and recommend the best course of action moving forward.

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You have a right to your own review if you have been hurt by medical malpractice or mistreatment. At the law office of Michael Merchant, we will fight for your legal rights and defend your claim. Call us if you have been wronged with unnecessary surgery in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Enid, or nearby cities.