Surgical Errors

Surgical errors occur more often than not and can lead to long term healing and care. If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice because of a surgical error, our skilled personal injury lawyer can help. Call to get a free case evaluation now. 

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Surgical Errors Lawsuit

In a high-pressure setting, riddled with schedule overlaps, surgeons often work with constraints. Not being able to handle the pressure of surgery or adhere to expected quality standards can lead to oversight. Doctors, nurses, and other staff may make mistakes that lead to lasting injury or even death. Failure to give patients full care and concern, coupled with split second choices, can lead to surgical errors. Our attorneys will protect your legal rights and assess the merits of your claim with fervor. With over seventeen years in tenure handling surgical error cases, our head attorney is well seasoned on how to engage insurers. Upon review, we will let you know the best way to move forward with recovering maximum damages.

Surgical errors can range from poor skill or damage to other organs close by during procedure. Other common reasons are failure to monitor vitals, surgical tools left inside the body, or even surgery of a wrong body part. Many patients are uneasy asking too many questions or second guessing their doctors. Sadly, most surgical errors can be prevented. If you or a loved one have been severely injured by the negligence of others, we can help seek the damages you need for future care. Our skilled personal injury lawyer will staunchly assess your case using varied tactics. We have refined a well-earned standing and record for success to recoup funds for claimants suffering from surgical errors.

Oklahoma City Surgury LawsuitLost wages, rehab, therapy, and monies for pain and suffering are at hand. Mounting medical bills, and loss of companionship are all payable. In extreme cases where death was a result, these monies can provide income and assist in burial costs. You have the right to know what happened in a failed procedure. If you or a loved one was harmed because of doctors’ oversight, you may have a valid claim. Our lawyer knows first-hand how stressful this can be and will act keenly in your defense during your surgical error case.

Hospitals will usually conduct and in-house review, but you have a right to independent survey, too. We can design the best game plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Filing and supporting a surgical error case is complex. This is where we come in. Our firm will use all vital tools at our disposal to help fight for a winning outcome. We have varied plans of attack against insurers.

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Contact our personal injury lawyer today to assess your surgical errors claim. We offer an initial consult at no cost to you to review your case. At the law firm of Michael Merchant, we aim to recover the maximum compensation for you, every time. Call us if you have suffered from surgical errors in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Enid.