Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs way too often. The thought of our loved ones being harmed by those we entrust with their care is scary. If you suspect that someone you know has been the victim of nursing home neglect, or abuse, we can help. Headed by an aggressive personal injury attorney, our firm is here to fight for you.

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Disregard for the elderly and providing subpar care are not excuses. Rivalry amongst nursing homes for baby boomers has turned care into business. Profit has trumped decency. Differing levels of care needed are often overlooked. Many stages of nursing tiers exist to match patients to their right level of care. When this is not done, nursing home abuse has a setting to which it can thrive. As a personal injury law firm, we are well versed on the justice codes and the standards set forth for elderly care. Our head attorney will gladly review your nursing home neglect or abuse case. We will let you know the best way to move forward. Our firm has the fervor to respond to your nursing home abuse claim quickly.

Nursing home abuse can happen to anyone. It often occurs to those who are unable or scared to voice their concern to loved ones for help. Let our firm be their voice. Contact us now so that our savvy team of legal experts can start the process of working on your nursing home abuse claim. We possess the know-how and grit to guide our clients through this daunting process. Do not let your loved ones suffer in silence. Contact us now!

Nursing Home Negligence OKCNursing home abuse cannot and should not be tolerated. Our loved ones deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Have you noticed a rapid decline in health? Know that many nursing homes do not have enough staff. It is vital for family members to be alert and exercise caution. If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact our personal injury lawyer right away! Our team is on standby. Let us provide the highest level of service while fighting for you.

Extended lengths of nursing home abuse can cause severe injuries and even death. The weak and helpless members of our community deserve compassion and care. With over seventeen years in practice as a personal injury lawyer, the head our firm will fight hard for you or your loved ones to recoup damages sustained. The sooner, the better! For your ease, we offer an initial consult for free to discuss the merits of your case in detail. Upon review, our firm can choose the best method of attack moving forward. Our agile personal injury lawyer will fight hard for your cause. 

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Our attorney, Michael Merchant, knows that nursing home abuse can cause both physical and emotional trauma to families. As a personal injury lawyer, our head attorney knows the law, and not every nursing home neglect claim case is as cut and dried as you think. We represent victims of nursing home abuse in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Enid, and nearby areas.