Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence occurs when a hospital's staff fails to provide care that meets a certain threshold of competency. If you have been injured while in the care of a hospital, our personal injury lawyer can help. Call and get a free consultation today!

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Hospital Negligence Attorney

Hospital negligence can take on many forms. Common causes are poor monitoring of patients and error on a staff member’s behalf. Often times this happens when staff fails to adhere to doctors’ orders. Timely responses to patient requests or failure to react quickly in emergencies also are factors. If you have been a victim of hospital negligence, call us right away to assess your case. 

Often hospitals employ nurses and staff direct. Most often doctors are contracted for rights to practice. Hospital negligence can occur in any setting from the ICU, ER, to Med/Surg units. Neglect on behalf of staff members means they failed to do something they were supposed to. As a result of their oversight, you or a loved one was injured. We have obtained a well-earned standing and record for success in regards to these types of claims. If you have suffered, call to get a free consultation and learn your legal rights.

Hospitals have certain duties to uphold, such as education forums and updated training. This ensures quality. Lack of staff can lead to error. Proper managing and tracking of medical records is also crucial. Overall patient care is tied to the quality of staff employed. Without proper order and training, a staff is set up to fail from the outset. Sadly, this often occurs when hospitals try to save money. We know how the legal system works. A hospital’s attempt to save money should not result in subpar patient care. If you have been injured because of staff oversight, our firm can defend your rights.

Hospital Negligence Lawsuits Oklahoma CityMore care, therapy, rehab, lost wages, and pain and suffering can all be a direct result of hospital negligence. Contact our personal injury lawyer now so that we can start the legal process of working on your hospital negligence claim. Our firm is well versed in these types of cases. We have over seventeen years of tenure. We will fight hard to get you the benefits you deserve. 

When mistakes happen, the patient and the family should not have to carry the burdening results caused by hospital negligence. Filing a hospital negligence claim can be very complex. This is why hiring a personal injury lawyer sooner is better. When done the right way, negligence claims require a vast amount of time, know how, and skill. 

Our state has a two year statute of limitations on hospital negligence cases. Oftentimes, finding the full extent of trauma caused can take months, or even years. Our agile personal injury lawyer has what it takes to fight tooth and nail in your defense, and start the legal process for your claim.

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