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An emergency room error can cause severe injury, or loss of life. Don’t suffer and don’t give up hope! As a personal injury lawyer, I will fight with zeal for you to receive the damages you deserve. Call and get a free case evaluation today.

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Mistakes from failure to organize tasks in a swift paced setting is not an excuse. Patient load, poor communication or early discharge are all common causes for emergency room error. Haste and neglect to detail, lax registration, inapt monitoring of patients, and even faulty lab tests all add to emergency room errors. If any of these oversights have happened to you, we can help. 

People rush to the hospital to have their health concerns treated with prompt reaction. Often, those who visit the ER lack insurance and do not see on routine a primary care doctor. As such, some hidden causes of their current status may be missed. Many emergency room errors are so common that patients might not even be abreast that mistakes occurred. As a personal injury lawyer, I can review the merits of your case. Emergency room errors can be hard to seek. We offer a free initial consult to evaluate your case and show you what legal rights you have. We know how the system works and are ready to provide top notch service to our clients.

You have the right to hold medical staff culpable for their actions. Mistakes can cause admitting symptoms to increase. For example, a delay in dealing with heart attacks or strokes can lead to further damage, like paralysis. When a timely response is crucial, a delay in diagnosing and treating a patient cannot be justified, and can lead to emergency room error. ER care demands a heightened level of alertness, and the know how to make quick choices for patients’ welfare. Get sound legal counsel to see if you can recoup damages due emergency room error now! Our firm will respond quickly to your call.

negligent hospital lawsuitER staff must be keen and nimble in response. They must also be apt to work well under pressure. Many emergency room errors can be averted. As a rule, they are often the result of routine staff shortages that are far too common in the ER. This is not an excuse for neglect. The ER is not a place for mistakes. Even though the ER is assumed to be a fast-paced setting, high stress levels should not equate to subpar care. 

If your doctor or nurse acted in neglect, you need to seek legal counsel right away. Know you are in good hands as we advocate the extent of your injury. Let our personal injury lawyer provide peace of mind for you or your loved one while you recover.

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At the law firm of Michael Merchant, our savvy personal injury lawyer will move forward logging the right data to support your claim. You can be certain we will work hard for you! We proudly help victims of an emergency room error in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Enid.