Birth Injuries

Did your delivery result in birth injuries? Has your child suffered a birth injury due to the failed actions of a doctor, nurse, or team member? If so, you may be able to file a suit and recover monies for damages, and future care and costs. As a personal injury lawyer, I am agile and fearless in pursuit to recoup funds. I will help you get fair treatment and defend your case with care and concern. 

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Pregnancy is a special time. The joy that comes with preparing for your new little one is unmatched. Sadly, babies are not always born in healthy ways, and problems can greatly vary. They can arise from a mother’s current health or from problems during birth. Sometimes, it is because of medical neglect on behalf of the experts involved. A birth injury can occur before, during, or after the delivery of the baby. Our firm fights diligently for new moms, and will aim to recover as much as possible for your claim.

Common causes for birth injuries include forced birth or waiting too long to perform a C-section. Also common are failure for a midwife to call a doctor if needed, not enough prenatal testing, or failure to act in a breech birth. Other causes may include poor fetal monitoring or giving the wrong amounts of meds during birth. A birth injury can affect both mother and child and create life-changing effects. Our legal team will dig into your case to establish the cause of the birth injuries and fight to recover what you are owed.

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As a skilled personal injury lawyer, I will sternly review your case and make sure that you received the highest standard of care required by doctors during pregnancy and childbirth. Let us provide sound legal counsel in your birth injuries suit. We offer a free initial consult to discuss the merits of your case. 

Our firm will use all vital tools at our disposal to help fight for a winning outcome. We know how the legal system works, and will fight with zeal for you to receive the monies to provide for your care. Birth injury cases require special care. Physical trauma can augment emotional trauma. This is true when the injury derived could have been prevented. This can hinder the joy for new parents and lead to complex medical conditions in the future. You don’t have to go through this alone, call us right away to learn your legal rights in the matter.

injured babyThousands of birth injuries each year are caused by neglect from doctors, nurses, hospitals and staff. Many birth injuries can cause lengthy treatments. In some cases, a lifetime of special care is needed. When a medical provider’s subpar care is to blame for a birth injury, they can be held liable for a lawsuit.

If you and your little one have suffered birth injuries, contact personal injury lawyer Michael Merchant. Our firm has over seventeen years in the business handling sensitive injury cases and will fight to represent your case. Do not compound the chaos of your situation by not seeking the right payout for future medical needs. Our team has the savvy to provide you peace of mind. 

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